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A lovely annual pass holder wearing purple eyeshadow with blue mascara asked "When are you having a special sneak preview of the new tomorrowland for the annual passholders?" I then explained we have nothing scheduled at this time but if something were to come up they would be told in their newsletter. That was not good enough she then said "I have been a PREMIUM ANNUAL PASSHOLDER for 2 years, I am what makes this park run. Without me this park would close down. You should do anything I ask. Remember little miss (she actually said little mist) I pay your salary without me you would not have a job." She kept reminding me that she was a "premium pass holder" and I should be "grateful" to her that she comes everyday to the park. And if I dont set a date for her to come in for the new tomorrowland she will go straight to Paul Pressler (it appears they are old friends they go way back.)